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Strani stručni Web Portali o finansiranju izgradnje saobraćajnog dela Prokopa od strane Kuvajtskog fonda

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Strani stručni Web Portali o finansiranju izgradnje saobraćajnog dela Prokopa od strane Kuvajtskog fonda



Kuwait finances new Belgrade rail station construction project



Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development granted Serbia a loan of EUR 25 Million for building a future main railway station “Prokop” in Belgrade. The loan agreement is set with the fixed interest rate of 3% and a repayment period of 18 years.
The contract, worth EUR 25 Million will be a good opportunity for contractors and construction industry in our country get a job and verify their quality. Serbian Railways have already begun the preparation of tender documents, and the whole job can be completed in two years.
Kuwaiti loan will be invested for the complete arrangement of the railway infrastructure, construction and electrical infrastructure in Prokop. It is planned to build the remaining six tracks (in addition to the four existing ones), as well as supporting the platform, and then electrical interlocking plant and finally building the Telecommunication building for the territory of Belgrade railway junction.
Today “Prokop” is used only by trains of the  new city railway “BG Voz”, and the realization of this work will enable the station to operate a local, regional and international passenger trains.
Kuwaiti partners have announced the possibility that, if they are satisfied with the implementation of this agreement, to continue to invest and develop the main railway station “Prokop” in Belgrade This would include in the construction of station buildings, and commercial center at 130,000 square meters.
According to the Milutin Milošević, Director of “Belgrade railway junction,” the entire station, in terms of construction, could be built in three years. When “Prokop” becomes operable, the old railway station will be relocated from Karađorđeva street, ie. from the city center, which will enable the shortening of routes of all trains passing through Belgrade, on one hand, and the release of 80 acres of prime land in the Sava amphitheater, on the other. Thus, Belgrade will get a modern, fully equipped modern station that will be able to link the urban and intercity traffic and accept all international transit passenger trains”.




THE Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development has agreed to lend the Serbian government €25m to finance the first phase of construction work on the long-delayed Belgrade Central station.

Work to construct the new station, together with links to the existing network by new tunnels under the city and a new bridge over the River Sava began in 1977. The bridge was completed in 1979 but work on the rest of the project was limited over the next 30 years.

The station, situated south of the city centre, is partially complete and served by some suburban services; most of the building is not completed.

The station, known locally as Prokop after the name of the district it is located in, is intended to replace the existing terminus station, releasing the 32.3 hectare site for redevelopment. Around 130,000 m2 of commercial development is planned at the new Belgrade Central site alongside the station facilities.

The Kuwaiti Ambassador to Serbia has told the Serbian media that the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development is prepared to offer further loans to cover the next three phases of the project and possibly to invest directly in some of the commercial property development.



Kuwait loans Serbia $32.5m for rail project


Kuwait has granted Serbia a loan of EUR25m ($32.5m) for the construction of a railway station in Belgrade, it has been reported.

Serbia's Tanjug newspaper said the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development had issued the loan, quoting Kuwaiti Ambassador Fawzi Abdulaziz Ahmad Al-Jasem.

The money will be used for the construction of the main railway station Prokop in Belgrade, he told the paper.

The diplomat was quoted as saying that a Kuwaiti delegation would come to Belgrade in late November or early December to sign a second loan agreement.

The newspaper reported that the Kuwaiti fund officials have also indicated that it could grant loans for the third, and fourth phase of the project if Serbia needs them.

He added that many Kuwaiti businessmen were going to Serbia to see what possibilities for cooperation the country offers.

Al-Jasem described as positive the Serbian government's commitment to strengthening the relations with the Arab world, and stressed that Kuwait wants the same.

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